Saturday, June 14, 2008

Photography At the Mapleton Preserve

The first gathering of the D & R Summer Photography Group met on the 14th of June and got right to work capturing images at the Mapleton Preserve. While the morning sun burned hot and the air was thick, the group spent an hour out at the preserve snapping shots and learning about the property that was once the home of Princeton Nurseries. The group also discussed the goals for the summer and pulled together a tentative schedule for the next 5 sessions. While the dates have been finalized. They are as follows:
  • Six Mile Run Trails: Saturday, June 21 @ 9 am
  • Kingston's Canal Sites: Thursday, July 10 @5:30pm
  • Bulls Island and/or Prallsville Mill Site in Stockton: Saturday, July 26 @ 10am
  • Lambertville's Canal and Architectural Sites: Thursday, August 7th @ 6pm
  • Titusville and Washington Crossing: Wednesday, August 13 @ 1:30pm
Interest participants can still join the group for some or all of the sessions. If you are interested in joining just call the park office and speak to Vicki (or leave a message for her). Or, simply send an email ( requesting to join the group and make sure to include your contact information (phone number and email address).

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