Thursday, June 5, 2008

Canal Bike Tour Routes

In the past, the D&R Canal has offered biking tours from various points and of various lengths of the canal. These guided tours offer park patrons a chance to learn about the history of the canal through focused discussion of natural resources and historical structures (mill houses, locktender houses, locks, etc.) at specific points along the canal. This summer, seasonal Maggie Charleroy is planning bike tours on selected weekends in July and August. In the past, the bike tours have varied in length, ranging from short 7 mile trips to longer 15 mile tours. The guided rides began at different points along the main canal and its feeder along the Delaware River including Blackwells Mills, Griggstown, Washington Crossing and Bulls Island. As planning continues, we are interested in knowing what you think about the possibility of bike tours. What distance(s) would you like to see offered? What areas would you like to see included? Please post any comments or feedback (on past or future bike tours) that you may have! See you on the trails!

The list of bike rides is now posted on the D & R Canal State website. Check them out at: Not only will you see the list of bike rides, but all the program offerings for July and August!


Lynda A. Widman said...

The D&R Canal Web site has a blurb on canal bike tours planned by Margaret Charleroy. How/where can I obtain a schedule of and information on the bike tours for 2008?

D&R Canal said...

You can review the list of rides offered for July and August at the main D & R Canal website (